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Rochelle Joyce Arucan is a Manila-born, Bay Area-based painter and writer.

Born in Manila, Philippines, and raised on Boracay Island as a toddler, Rochelle considers herself a Bay Area native relocating with her family to the states at age five. Her chaotic upbringing heavily influences Rochelle's art, both as a painter and as a writer. Her home, the Arch Street house, catalyzed Rochelle's artistic journey. Learning early in life the importance of the voice through art. Rochelle found solace in creativity and would later realize the therapeutic significance.

“I was born into polished chaos. Right from the beginning. All the adults in my life had artistry in their blood; it was romantic and tragic; there was so much beautiful creativity around me and pain. My grandfather was a painter, mostly oil. My mother had always aspired to be a famous dancer and singer, and Pop, with his magical hands, sculpts, builds, paints, he creates. I had an interesting childhood; there was never a dull moment in our home. But it was a hard one. There was a lot of heartbreak, loneliness, and abuse. On the surface, we looked all too perfect; the neighborhood idolized us, but we were all very broken. The only natural language of our home was art, which told the truth.”

With no formal education in painting, Rochelle's work on and her social media is a freeform of mimicked motion driven by feeling. Inspired by the design of a woman, you will see that much of the imagery is portraits of the self, the body's movement, and the flow of emotions. 

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